Saturday, May 8, 2010

Groceries & A Cushion Under My Arse

Grocery Anxiety Induced shopping went well last night. Granted it takes me two hours since I go to Whole Foods and Hannaford, because all my shit isn't in one store. I bought all I needed/could bare/testify to survive so to not want to eat myself to death(aka enough but not a lot). The cushion factor would be that I actually have money left over! This includes after paying bills due before next paycheck, oil change, and a couple little things for myself. Feels so flippin nice. For the past few paychecks Ive been so broke after paying bills, that I'm left with almost no money to buy groceries. Being broke makes me crave junk, and having no money...well there's a real bad vicious cycle for you. Now I'm full time at work, commissions have changed, and I got $1 pay raise :) Things are getting better.

Those are the two nice things I got myself :) The face (night) cream is amazing, and the shampoo I don't know yet, but I already have the conditioner and its awesome. I also bought some locally made bath salts at Whole Foods and used them last night.

So on to something new; I found through Violet a new update tool, org made by Alice. Skinny Pact! It's a way to keep track of daily intake/exercise at a glance. Love it, so join in too :)

Then that brings me to my purchases aka meal lists. These are food ideas/choices for me pertaining to each meal. I'm not completely restricting myself to only the foods listed within meals, as I do eat anything natural (all fruits/veggies/nuts, lean beef/pork/chicken/venison/fish/seafood) Here it is:

∙2 scrambled eggs w/optional veggies or
∙1/4c slow cooked organic steel cut oats w/cinnamon & 1 banana

∙8pc salmon avocado roll or
∙2 organic brown rice cakes, 1tbsp of either fruit preserves and/or honey almond butter for each cake
∙Either with optional 1 serv raw nuts, or 1 fruit, or serv veggies.

∙Amy's Meal (brown rice bowl, brown rice teriyaki bowl, or enchilada) w/steamed/cooked veggies
∙Steak/Chicken/Seafood or meat of choice, w/steamed/cooked veggies
∙Either with optional salad w/tbsp organic thousand island dressing

I will mix and match lunch/dinner depending on day/inventory. Substitutes equal to calorie or nutritional value may be used.

I feel like those last two lines should be in small fine print, as if it were a disclaimer, ha.


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